Welcome to the NEW Luxury Universal Experience, optimized for The Year 2000! 

With the advent of the New Millennium, only LUX is exploring new horizons in synthesizing math and science with film and fun to create the next generation of information technology and multi-media entertainment! 

Choose the Future. Choose Fun. Choose...

A Brand New LUX for a Brand New Millennium!


Why New LUX?

For almost 90 years LUX has pushed the boundaries of Cinema towards a singularity of Excellence in Filmic Exceptionalism, and we don't intend to stop! That's why we are evolving, to become a New LUX for a New Millennium, starting with this re-branded website

Our new website utilizes the latest and greatest in internet technology, developed to the exacting specifications of certified genius and LUX President, Paulbert Filius Pontifex III, Esq., who exclaims "Each and every page of this on-line webbed site shall suffuse the patron with incandescent knowledge and an exquisite view of what the future holds for mankind!"

If you would like to learn more about the NEW Luxury Universal Experience, visit our NEW About page! Let's lift off towards a bright and shiny chrome New Millennium where the Future is Fun!