About The New LUX

New Mission Statement

LUX's new mission for the new millennium is to bring the entertainment of yesterday into a bold and exciting future through a range of technological breakthroughs that will create an entirely new kind of FUN!

New LUX for a New Millennium

A new millennium only comes around once every one-thousand years, and the Luxury Universal Experience of 2000 is pointed in straight toward it. It's a new dawn for humanity, and LUX will take its place at the helm of the entertainment industry and usher in a groundbreaking new period in the history of FUN. Everything about the way we watch and enjoy movies will change, thanks to the brilliant minds in the LUX Research and Development department. With our new objective, math-based decision machine (powered by LUX's proprietary next-generation CPU kernel, the LUX Operating System) leading the way, we know exactly what goes into creating a perfect movie, and we're bringing 11 of them to you via our New Millennium System within the next five years!

No need to wait though, because you can take a journey to cinematic greatness right this moment with a single click! CLICK HERE to visit LUX's Online Movie Database, a new way to browse our classic catalogue and learn more about your favorite films before you watch them. Everything you'd ever want to know about any LUX film can be found right here in this first-of-its-kind digital movie archive, including each installment in our long-running and beloved modern multimedia franchises like the Bad Neighbor series and the prolific Mazemaster.


Interested in learning more about the rich history of LUX and the long line of Pontifexes who have guided it? CLICK HERE to take a look at our comprehensive company timeline.